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Do you need a newly remodeled kitchen for your existing home? Are you building a new home and need a fresh interior design for your modern kitchen? Whatever your need is, Andrea Langford Designs provides full kitchen remodeling services for your home.

If this is your first kitchen remodeling project or if you’ve had negative experiences with an interior designer in the past, you may feel a little nervous about hiring an interior designer and might even decide to manage the project yourself. There are a variety of things that can happen when you decide to manage a big project like this on your own, however. Initial design errors can often lead to complications that can end up costing you more time, money and resources to correct than you anticipate.

Getting Started on Your Kitchen Project

The benefits of hiring a team like the professional designers at Andrea Langford Designs far outweigh the costs of designing a kitchen on your own.  Contracting our team could not be easier to do, and our years of professional expertise will provide you peace of mind knowing your kitchen remodel or design project will be in good hands.

Below you can learn more about our kitchen design process and get more information about the design services we provide.

Step 1: Establishing the kitchen design agreement

At Andrea Langford Designs, we are a highly detail oriented service. That’s why our first step involves establishing a detailed kitchen design agreement, which will ensure you know exactly what to expect from our service, from start to finish. It will provide information so you can be fully aware of what we provide (and what we don’t), so there aren’t any inaccurate expectations. Once we’ve signed the agreement, we get to work on designing your new kitchen immediately.

Step 2: Discovering the purpose of your kitchen

Our next step is speaking with you about the details of your project to determine your specific needs and purpose. We want to know exactly how you envision your new kitchen to be. Is your new kitchen intended to be a space for congregating & eating, a space exclusively for preparation, or something in between? And how will it relate to the functional flow of the rest of your home?

We will also survey your current kitchen to help answer these questions.

Step 3: Drafting your new kitchen’s blueprint

Next, we take professional measurements and make detailed outlines of your space, including all elevations. We also draft all of the documents necessary to guide your contractors. This is the blueprinting stage of the process.

Kitchen Design & Remodeling at Andrea Langford Designs

We know how stressful and costly remodeling your kitchen can be. We are here for you and will help make the process as organized and effortless as possible. We invite you to browse our kitchen project gallery and let our work to speak for itself.

Contact us today to discuss your future project further. We are based in Albany, NY and regularly provide our kitchen design services to areas within New York’s Capital Region including Glens Falls, Saratoga Springs, Clifton Park, Malta, Lake George, Loudonville and beyond.

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